What is 7-Eleven Day?

Like the Queen's birthday, we like to celebrate 7-Eleven Day for the fun of it. Traditionally the official day has been on the 7th November when 7-Eleven gives away free small Slurpees. This year 7-Eleven Day is changing to 7th-11th Day! You get to choose which day you want your free small Slurpee.

How do I get my free Slurpee?

Go to our 7-Eleven Facebook page or the 7-Eleven website to download a voucher for your free small Slurpee. You have until Sunday 11 November to do it and the voucher is valid for one day only. Get in early to make sure you get yours.

Why is it running for five days?

It runs for five days because we have a lot of Slurpees to give away! We want to make sure the Slurpees are the best quality, that there's plenty to go around, and you don't have to wait in line to get to your free Slurpee.

What day does it start? What day does it finish?

It kicks off on Wednesday 7 November at 12.01am in the morning. It finishes on Sunday 11 November at 11.59pm.

Why do I need a voucher – I didn't last year?

We are giving away loads of free Slurpees, too much for the Slurpee machines to cope with in one day.

By everyone downloading a voucher, we can share the Slurpee around to more people, and make sure the machines find it easier to manage, giving you a better Slurpee when you get your freebie!

Do I have to have a voucher?

Yes- everyone 13 and over needs a voucher.

If you are under 13 you need to bring an adult who has a valid voucher and we'll give you one in store.

I'm only five minutes late or I missed my day – why can't I get my Slurpee?

Sorry but the vouchers are valid for the selected day only and we can't redeem expired vouchers.

Last year I got heaps of free Slurpees – why can't I have more than one voucher?

We want to make sure everyone gets a chance to get a free small Slurpee to celebrate 7-Eleven Day. To do that we've had to share the Slurpee love, so only one voucher per person.

I have kids under 13, what do I do for them?

Adults with a valid voucher can get free small Slurpees for up to four accompanying children under 13. Just go into store with your voucher and the store will help you.

There are no more vouchers available to download – why can't I get my Slurpee?

We gave away a huge amount of small Slurpee vouchers and unfortunately once they're gone, there are no more. If you would like a free Slurpee and haven't already signed up to our Elite Slurpers, sign up now and receive a free Slurpee now and one on your birthday! Visit www.slurpee.com.au for more information.

My store has run out of Slurpee – what happens now?

Be quick! Your voucher is valid until midnight on its designated day, so get the free Slurpee app or visit 7-Eleven.com.au for other store locations.

Which flavours are available during 7-Eleven Day?

Our ever popular Coke and Raspberry will be on hand. Some of the limited edition flavours which may be available include Sour Cherry, Vanilla Cola, Passionfruit and Lemon Lime Bitters. Keep an eye out for some of the new ones!

They wouldn't give me a free Slurpee – what happens now?

We're sorry to hear that! Contact us here and let us know which store and we'll look into it.

What size Slurpee is being given away?

Small, 350ml